Development of Droplet Digital PCR-Based Assays to Quantify HIV Proviral and Integrated DNA in Brain Tissues from Viremic Individuals with Encephalitis and Virally Suppressed Aviremic Individuals Article


  • We developed ddPCR assays to quantitatively measure HIV DNA and used this ddPCR assays to detect and quantitatively measure HIV DNA in the archived brain tissues from HIV patients. The tissue viral loads assessed by ddPCR was highly correlative with those assessed by qPCR.


  • Chung, Hye Kyung
  • Hattler, Julian B.
  • Narola, Jigna
  • Babbar, Harita
  • Cai, Yanhui
  • Abdel-Mohsen, Mohamed
  • Kim, Woong-Ki

publication date

  • 2022

published in


  • 10


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