A Phase I Postcoital Testing Study of the SILCS Diaphragm Used With 3% Nonoxynol-9 Gel, ContraGel, or No Gel Completed

Brief description: This post coital test study is a Phase I multi-center, randomized, crossover, non-significant risk device study to be carried out at two clinical sites/centers. The products to be tested are the SILCS diaphragm with 3% Nonoxynol-9 Gel (N-9) (spermicide), the SILCS diaphragm with ContraGel, and the SILCS diaphragm alone. Participants will be randomized to the order of product use, with a goal of 10 participants completing the study.

Detailed description: Each participant will be seen in approximately nine visits, over a period of 6-8 months, and will be contacted approximately 7 days after the final visit. Volunteers will be consented at Visit 1 and undergo procedures to confirm they are eligible to continue in the study. Each participant will undergo four postcoital test (PCT) cycles: The first PCT cycle will be a baseline cycle, done without the use of any product, in order to demonstrate the participant's ability to undergo normal ovulatory events and to produce receptive, midcycle cervical mucus. The partner's ability to produce motile sperm capable of penetrating the cervical mucus is also evaluated in this cycle. Test PCT cycles will be carried out during the subsequent menstrual cycles using either the SILCS diaphragm with 3% N-9, the SILCS diaphragm with ContraGel, or the SILCS diaphragm alone following a sequence of randomized treatment. Cycles may need to be repeated depending on the characteristics of the cervical mucus and the number of sperm found in the vaginal pool and endocervical specimens.

date/time interval

  • December 1, 2014 - March 1, 2016