A Logistic Moment-Based Analog for the Tukey and System of Distributions Article


  • This paper introduces a standard logistic L-moment-based system of distributions. The proposed system is an analog to the standard normal conventional moment-based Tukey g-h, g, h, and h-h system of distributions. The system also consists of four classes of distributions and is referred to as (i) asymmetric -, (ii) log-logistic , (iii) symmetric , and (iv) asymmetric -. The system can be used in a variety of settings such as simulation or modeling events—most notably when heavy-tailed distributions are of interest. A procedure is also described for simulating -, , , and - distributions with specified L-moments and L-correlations. The Monte Carlo results presented in this study indicate that estimates of L-skew, L-kurtosis, and L-correlation associated with the -, , , and - distributions are substantially superior to their corresponding conventional product-moment estimators in terms of relative bias and relative standard error.


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