Goodmurphy, Craig W.


selected publications

research overview

  • My lab is interested in anatomy, ultrasound, 3D printing and medical education projects. They are often collaborative with clinical departments and cover a breadth of both short and long term projects. With a primarily educational role at EVMS I focus my short term scholarship on projects well suited for student involvement (3D printed C-pap masks, Ultrasound Phantoms, Embedding of Ultrasoundable anatomy trainers, Ophthalmology and Fetal 3D printed trainers, Bronchoscopy trainers for resident training and many similar efforts. My long term projects on educational endeavors include the Anatomyguy Meducation website, Digital Badging for Ultrasound, and Ultrasound Curricular Development.

preferred title

  • Vice Chair, Director Of Anatomy, Ultrasound & Cast Center

full name

  • Craig W. Goodmurphy, PhD


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