Cadieux, Cynthia P.


  • Cynthia P. Cadieux, PhD, RDN, FAND

    Associate Dean, Educational Assessment and Evaluation; Director, Medical and Health Professions Education Programs; Director, Distance Education

    651 Colley Ave., Lester 317, Norfolk, VA 23501/(757) 446-0524/

    (a) Personal Statement

    My health profession is as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). I have practiced in this field or taught nutrition and food science since 1989. When actively practicing I was a Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian practicing in a burn/trauma critical care setting. I held an Assistant Professor faculty appointment at James Madison University where I taught undergraduate and graduate courses and oversaw undergraduate and graduate research working with students one-on-one. I remain involved in the nutrition professional community. My higher education administrative career began in the late 1990s and has followed many interesting and productive pathways. While serving as an Academic Dean over 30 disciplines at a local community college with direct supervision for 50+ full-time faculty and 150+ adjunct faculty is where I honed my higher education leadership skills. My current position as a program director for two online programs, Master of Medical and Health Professions Education and the Doctoral Program in Medical and Health Professions Education allows me to work on establishing viable research projects for doctoral students. These projects take many forms requiring that I maintain broad content knowledge of many disciplines. The goal of myself and other faculty in the program is to establish a continuous line of secondary data analysis research related to medical and health professions education and any number of variables. My dissertation research was on the sense of community in the online classroom, a topic that remains relevant and of interest to me today and pertains to my role as Director of Distance Education. As a result of an over 30-year career in nutrition and academia, I can participate in many types of research projects and lend expertise in many ways.

    (b) Professional Preparation

    James Madison University/Harrisonburg, VA/B.S in Dietetics/1985

    James Madison University/Harrisonburg, VA/ Health Sciences/Nutrition/1987

    Old Dominion University/Norfolk, VA/PhD in Urban Services/Concentration: Urban Education/Cognate: Higher Education/Track: Technology/2002

    (c) Appointments

    Associate Professor/EVMS/Norfolk, VA/2015 - present

    Professor/Tidewater Community College/Chesapeake, VA/2010 - 2014

    Assistant Professor/James Madison University/Harrisonburg, VA/2004 - 2009

    Associate Dean for Educational Assessment and Evaluation/EVMS/Norfolk, VA/2017-present

    Assistant Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Program Review/EVMS/Norfolk, VA/2015-2017

    Director, Distance Education/EVMS/Norfolk, VA/7/2017-present

    Director, Medical and Health Professions Education Programs/EVMS/Norfolk, VA/2015-present

    Dean, Languages, Mathematics and Sciences/Tidewater Community College/Chesapeake, VA/8/2010-11/2014

    (d) Sample Products

    (i) Peer Reviewed

    West, T., Galacia-Castillo, M., Parks-Savage, A., & Cadieux, C. (2018). Hospice care needs assessment. American Journal of Medical Quality. Published online: February 7, 2018 (doi: 10.1177/1062860618756731).

    Parks-Savage, A., Wallace, A., Cadieux, C., & Archer, L. (2018). Managing emotionally charged conversations between faculty and residents: A skill-building workshop. MedEdPublish, 2018, 7, [2], 12, doi:

    Cadieux, C. P., Medlin, C. L., & McCombs, G. B. (2016). Community college and university interprofessional collaboration: Student-centered partnership between nutrition and dental hygiene faculty. Inquiry Journal of the Virginia Community College System.

    Cadieux CP & Medlin CL. (2005). Redefining dietetics at the two-year level: Reaching Transfer Students Preparing for a Variety of Professions. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, vol. 105(8 Supplement), page 41.

    Cadieux, C., & Lucking, R. (2002). Assessing sense of classroom community in an urban online community college setting. World Conference on E-Learning in Corp., Govt., Health & Higher Ed., Vol. 2002, Issue 1, pp. 1261-1264.

    (ii) Non-Peer Reviewed

    Dobrian, A., Lamichhane, R., Cadieux, C., Ambrozewicz, M., Mazzurco, L., & Matson, C. (2018). Medical students self-assessment of health systems science knowledge and skills: Does curriculum matter? 2018 AAMC Annual Meeting - Learn, Serve, Lead, Austin, TX.

    Evidence Analysis Library (2007). Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines for Adults Educator Module. Part of the evidence-analysis team. The American Dietetic Association Evidence Analysis Library Online at

    Cadieux, C., & Jordan, H. (2006). Ladies Who Lead - Voices of Authentic Character: Women in the Role of School Superintendent. Monograph of the Women Administrators Conference of the American Association of School Administrators. Published by Duquesne University School of Education.

    (e) Synergistic Activities Samples

    - Current project: Health occupations career outcomes: Intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic


    - Serving as Chair of Nutrition Educators of Health Professionals (2020-2021)

    - Presented workshop to area minority STEM high-school students at summer Health Sciences Academy (2019)

    - Co-organized Educational Scholarship Day event (2018, 2019)

    - Served as a consumer reviewer for Medical Research Grant Program (DoD) (2018, 2019)

    - Author member of a blog post: High-value and person-centered care taught through virtual families. Harvard

    Macy Institute Blog.

    through-virtual-families (2017)

selected publications

research overview

  • Current research interests relate to establishing a longitudinal research secondary data analysis line of research for doctoral students in the Doctoral Program in Medical and Health Professions Education (PhD/EdD) to participate in and continue year after year. Topics of interest include health professions education and career outcomes related to any number of variables including first-generation students, STEM preparation, race, ethnicity, SES, etc.

    Ancillary research interests are related to nutrition education, community health. and wellness.

preferred title

  • Associate Dean, Educational Assessment and Evaluation/Director, Medical and Health Professions Education Programs/Director, Distance Education

full name

  • Cynthia P. Cadieux, PhD, RDN, FAND


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