Urbano, Maria R.



  • I graduated from EVMS in 1983 with an MD degree after completing a Master of Science degree at Michigan State University in microbiology and a BA in biology from Shippensburg University. After medical school I completed an internship in intermal medicine and a residency in general psychiatry. I am board certified by the ABPN- American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. My whole career as a psychiatrist has been spent at EVMS.

    My clinical interests have been my main pursuit at EVMS which currently includes the evaluation and treatment of adults with ASD. I have been focused on educational pursuits as residency director. My research interests have been focused on ASD in adults after the inception of the ASD Program in 2010. I am involved in clinical research and initially was PI on drug evaluation studies. My early research involved medical student learners examining the role of diaphragmatic breathing on anxiety in ASD. Some learners have been involved with a joint project with ODU and the Physical Therapy Department investigating any correlations between gross and fine motor skills, sensory impairments, social skills, and cognitive impairment. Vocational experiences which remain very difficult for individuals with ASD in being investigated via a survey study. There are no new studies currently planned.

selected publications

research overview

  • Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, an underserved population, have as one of their impairments - social communication which affects many areas of their lives, e.g. relationships and employment opportunities. Ther is no specific treatment for this impairment. Our ASD Program, consists of two separate areas. Drs. Stephen Deutsch, MD and Dr. Jess Burket, PhD are the researchers involved the basic science component. At this time, with several departures of our faculty, I am the one representative for the clinical component of our research.

    We have had recent publications investigating psychotherapeutic interventions for social impairment and also exploration of the sexuality of ASD adults.

    Currently, our clinical research is analyzing data from a study comparing sensory issues of ASD with processing speed, social impairment, and cognitive disabilities. We are launching a survey study on vocational experiences of adults with ASD. We currently have no other studies in the planning stage.

preferred title

  • Associate Residency Director; Director Of Adult Asd Program

full name

  • Maria R. Urbano, MD


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