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    As a Post Doc Fellow and later as a research assistant professor at CONRAD in the Department of OB&GYN at EVMS, Norfolk, I have been actively working on detecting and analyzing novel markers of immune cells and epithelium employing immunohistochemical technique in human cervicovaginal mucosa.

    My work is mainly focused on " Identification, characterization and development of microbicidal contraceptives" . Have been involved in several clinical and non clinical studies carried out by CONRAD working with different markers of Inflammation in models i.e Mattek ,Explant, Human and animals. Have also been exploring Inflammatory mediators in the placental tissues of pregnancies complicated by Pre-eclampsia.

    In past have been working on effect of insecticides and pesticides on male reproduction in vivo and invitro using primary cell culture-Sertoli and germ cells.The effects of pesticides on thyroid physiology was also explored in fish.


  • Done Masters of Science and Ph.D from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,India. Pursued Post doctoral research at Industrial Toxicology Research Centre at Lucknow, India. Was awarded several fellowships by different funding agencies to carry out research on the projects submitted.

    I have been working in the Department of OB&GYN (CONRAD) at EVMS, Norfolk Virginia, since 2001 as Post. Doc. Fellow and later as Research Assistant Professor carrying out research projects involving several grants under CONRAD program.

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  • Research Assistant Professor

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  • Neelima Chandra, Ph.D

recognition and awards

  • 1985-1987**- Junior Research Fellow, at Center for Advanced Study in Zoology, Varanasi, INDIA.
    1987-1991* - Senior Research Fellow, at Center for advanced Study in Zoology, Varanasi, INDIA.
    1992-1996* - Research Associate, at Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, (ITRC), Lucknow, INDIA.
    1997-2000* - Senior Research Associate (Pool Officer) at Industrial Toxicology Research Centre,(ITRC), Lucknow, INDIA.
    *Awarded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, Govt. of India.
    **Awarded by Ganga Action Plan (DOE) Govt. of India


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