Paul F. Aravich

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research overview

  • Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Obesity, Eating Disorders, Exercise Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Enteric Nervous System, Community Engagement, Aging, Nutrition, Bypass Surgery, Psychoneuroimmunology, Research Mentorships for HS/Coll/Medical School etc. projects., COVID-19 and the brain, Art and the Brain, Neural Transplantation, Circadian Rhythms, a NATO Behavioral Health Summit in response to suggestions to me by the then Assistant Surgeon General of the UK, Formation of a Hampton Roads Wounded Warrior Research Coalition. Study section member for nearly 20 years, Virginia Alzheimer's and Related Dementias Research Award Fund, Virginia Center on Aging.


  • 1) Significant publication record on the neurobiology of obesity in rodents, including a study critical for overturning the classic dual center theory of obesity: Aravich PF & Sclafani A. Paraventricular hypothalamic lesions & medial hypothalamic knife cuts produce similar hyperphagia syndromes. Behavioral Neuroscience 97:970-983, 1983

    2) Neural-immune interactions: Aravich et al. Innervation of the gut: Implications for interaction between the nervous & immune systems. In Hellhammer et al., Neurobiological Approaches to Human Disease, 1988.

    3) Exercise stress and the eating disorders: Aravich. Adverse effects of exercise stress and restricted feeding in the rat: theoretical and neurobiological considerations. Epling/Pierce (Eds.), Activity Anorexia: Theory, Research, & Treatment, 1996

    4) Aging with a TBI: Aravich/McDonnell. Successful aging of Individuals with Brain Injury. Brain Injury Professional, 2005;2(2):10-14

    5) Art and the brain: Aravich et al. The arts and advanced dementia. Invited article for Science Matters, a multi-media educational initiative of the Community Idea Stations, National Public Radio and PBS, Richmond, VA.

    6) Art and the brain: Kruk, Aravich et al Comparison of brain activity during drawing and clay sculpting: A preliminary qEEG study. Journal of the American Art Therapy Association 31(2):52-60, 2014

    7) Successful aging: Invited panelist along with international aging leader John Morley by Peter Boiling; Annual Conference, Virginia Geriatrics Society, scheduled for October 2020. (CME)

selected publications

preferred title

  • Professor

full name

  • Paul F. Aravich, PhD

recognition and awards

  • Multiple invited presentations to various Congressional Caucus programs on the Hill related to the epidemic of fatal behavioral and neurological disorders and the need for more research.
    Several invitations from the American Brain Coalition. It includes the Alzheimer's Association, American Psychological Association, Academy of Neurology, Am Psychiatric Association etc.
    Last year I was the neuroscientist representative of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for a Caucus program. The presentations relate to, e.g., the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus, Congressional Public Health Caucus and Congressional STEAM Caucus.
    Highest Award by the Commonwealth for Excellence in teaching, research and service
    Winner of one of the highest medical education awards in the US and Canada
    Two research abstracts selected for special media consideration at the world's largest neuroscience meeting: one of brain oxytocin, the other on dietary obesity in rodents.
    Research mentorships (many with awards) for at least 25 public middle/HS students; 33 college students; 55 MD/grad students.
    One of the first ever TEDx talks
    Sought after speaker on the brain and behavior for widespread conferences/CME programs


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