• 1) Significant publication record on the neurobiology of obesity in rodents, including a study critical for overturning the classic dual center theory of obesity: Aravich PF & Sclafani A. Paraventricular hypothalamic lesions & medial hypothalamic knife cuts produce similar hyperphagia syndromes. Behavioral Neuroscience 97:970-983, 1983

    2) Neural-immune interactions: Aravich et al. Innervation of the gut: Implications for interaction between the nervous & immune systems. In Hellhammer et al., Neurobiological Approaches to Human Disease, 1988.

    3) Exercise stress and the eating disorders: Aravich. Adverse effects of exercise stress and restricted feeding in the rat: theoretical and neurobiological considerations. Epling/Pierce (Eds.), Activity Anorexia: Theory, Research, & Treatment, 1996

    4) Aging with a TBI: Aravich/McDonnell. Successful aging of Individuals with Brain Injury. Brain Injury Professional, 2005;2(2):10-14

    5) Art and the brain: Aravich et al. The arts and advanced dementia. Invited article for Science Matters, a multi-media educational initiative of the Community Idea Stations, National Public Radio and PBS, Richmond, VA.

    6) Art and the brain: Kruk, Aravich et al Comparison of brain activity during drawing and clay sculpting: A preliminary qEEG study. Journal of the American Art Therapy Association 31(2):52-60, 2014

    7) Successful aging: Invited panelist along with international aging leader John Morley by Peter Boiling; Annual Conference, Virginia Geriatrics Society, scheduled for October 2020. (CME)

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  • Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Obesity, Eating Disorders, Exercise Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Enteric Nervous System, Community Engagement, Aging, Nutrition, Bypass Surgery, Psychoneuroimmunology, Research Mentorships for HS/Coll/Medical School etc. projects., COVID-19 and the brain, Art and the Brain, Neural Transplantation, Circadian Rhythms, a NATO Behavioral Health Summit in response to suggestions to me by the then Assistant Surgeon General of the UK, Formation of a Hampton Roads Wounded Warrior Research Coalition. Study section member for nearly 20 years, Virginia Alzheimer's and Related Dementias Research Award Fund, Virginia Center on Aging.

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  • Professor

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  • Paul F. Aravich, PhD


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