A Sustainable and Scalable Multidisciplinary Airway Teaching Mission: The Operation Airway 10-Year Experience Article

International Collaboration

author list

  • Jayawardena, Asitha D. L.; Ghersin, Zelda J.; Mirambeaux, Marcos; Bonilla, Jose A.; Quinones, Ernesto; Zablah, Evelyn; Callans, Kevin; Hartnick, Marina; Sahani, Nita; Cayer, Makara; Hersh, Cheryl; Gallagher, Thomas Q.; Yager, Phoebe H.; Hartnick, Christopher J.

publication date

  • June 30, 2020


published in


  • SURGERY  Web of Science Category


  • global health
  • low and middle income country
  • pediatric airway
  • surgical mission
  • surgical teaching