Patient Quality of Life After Interpolated Flap Repair of Nasal Mohs Surgery Defects A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study Article

author list

  • Lukowiak, Tess M.; Perz, Allison M.; Veerabagu, Surya A.; Lee, Michael P.; Neal, Donald; Aizman, Leora; Miller, Christopher J.; Golda, Nicholas; Albertini, John G.; Holmes, Todd; Bar, Anna; Leitenberger, Justin; Maher, Ian A.; Sobanko, Joseph F.; Chen, David; Aasi, Sumaira; Sutton, Adam; Higgins, H. William I. I. I. I.; Shin, Thuzar M.; Weinberger, Christine; Mattox, Adam; Wysong, Ashley; Etzkorn, Jeremy R.

publication date

  • August 25, 2021


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