Intact SMAD-4 is a predictor of increased locoregional recurrence in upfront resected pancreas cancer receiving adjuvant therapy Article

author list

  • Gits, Hunter C.; Tang, Amy H.; Harmsen, William S.; Bamlet, William R.; Graham, Rondell P.; Petersen, Gloria M.; Smyrk, Thomas C.; Mahipal, Amit; Kowalchuk, Roman O.; Ashman, Jonathan B.; Rule, William G.; Owen, Dawn; Wittich, Michelle A. Neben; McWilliams, Robert R.; Halfdanarson, Thorvardur; Ma, Wen Wee; Sio, Terence T.; Cleary, Sean P.; Truty, Mark J.; Haddock, Michael G.; Hallemeier, Christopher L.; Merrell, Kenneth W.

publication date

  • June 8, 2021


published in



  • Pancreas cancer
  • chemoradiotherapy (CRT)
  • mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 4 (SMAD4)
  • patterns of recurrence
  • tissue microarray (TMA)