High expression of Trop2 is associated with aggressive localized prostate cancer and is a candidate urinary biomarker Article

Open Access International Collaboration

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  • Liu, Shiqin; Hawley, Sarah J.; Kunder, Christian A.; Hsu, En-Chi; Shen, Michelle; Westphalen, Lennart; Auman, Heidi; Newcomb, Lisa F.; Lin, Daniel W.; Nelson, Peter S.; Feng, Ziding; Tretiakova, Maria S.; True, Lawrence D.; Vakar-Lopez, Funda; Carroll, Peter R.; Simko, Jeffry; Gleave, Martin E.; Troyer, Dean A.; Mckenney, Jesse K.; Brooks, James D.; Liss, Michael A.; Stoyanova, Tanya

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  • January 4, 2024


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