Parson, Henri K.



  • After completing her graduate degree in Clinical Chemistry from the joint Old Dominion University and

    Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) Biomedical Sciences Program, Henri Parson joined EVMS at the Strelitz Diabetes Center as a Research Associate. During her 19 year tenure at EVMS, she was able excel to excel in the management of clinical trials and investigator-initiated studies. Her expertise in clinical trial organization, implementation, and execution, including research design and protocol development assisted the research unit at the Diabetes Center to successfully contribute to advancements in diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Parson has extensive experience in project management, study coordination, and regulatory documentation with the successful completion of over 20 clinical research studies. She is involved in all areas of study oversight, including the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) according to good clinical practice (GCP), study audits, and budget allocations. Currently Dr. Parson has over 30 publications and more than 60 local, national, and international presentations and abstracts in the field of diabetes, neurovascular dysfunction, and quality of life.

selected publications

research overview

  • During her time at the Strelitz Diabetes Center, Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), Dr. Henri Parson has been able to further her mission to make advances in diabetic neuropathy research by understanding the mechanistic defect in neurovascular dysfunction. Her goals are to continue to pursue professional growth an leadership opportunities in clinical research, maintain and expand her role in educating students and volunteers, and to increase her research and scholarly activities via manuscript publications as well as national and international presentations. Additionally, Dr. Parson would like to assist other clinical researchers in the successful implementation and completion of investigator-initiated and clinical trials at EVMS. Dr. Parson is also very interested in focusing on minority health issues and the cultural and socioeconomic disparities that cause increased diabetic ulcerations and amputations in minority populations.

preferred title

  • Director, Microvascular Biology

full name

  • Henri K. Parson, PhD


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