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  • My laboratory utilizes three dimensional cryo electron microscopy to determine high resolution structures of large macromolecular complexes that cannot be determined by more traditional methods such as crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance. My group has full access to the state of the art Titan Krios electron microscope (UVA) equipped with the direct detector and automated image acquisition system. We also use field emission gun JEOL JEM-2100F microscope equipped with the Gatan SC1000 ORIUS CCD camera and cryo stage (ODU). JEOL 1200 EX ll transmission electron microscope equipped with an 11 megapixel AMT digital camera is conveniently located in Lewis Hall (EVMS). Structural studies of actin and its complexes with actin binding proteins have enormous significance in many aspects of human health, from cell motility in metastasis, to cardiac muscle contraction and rearrangements of the actin cytoskeleton during bacterial pathogenesis. Understanding the mechanisms of regulation of the structure and morphogenesis of the contractile ring upon cell division is crucial for understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cytokinesis.

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  • Associate Professor

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  • Vitold E. Galkin, Ph.D.


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